Trailer and poster for thriller Fishbowl

Ahead of its release later this month, a poster and trailer have arrived online for the upcoming thriller Fishbowl. Directed by Alexa and Stephen Kinigopoulos, the film follows three sisters struggling with the absence of their mother and a father who represses them as he becomes increasingly obsessed that the Rapture is imminent; take a look here…


An intriguing tale of sin and redemption, Fishbowl, takes place in, Bishop, a small town filled with secrets, where the Simon sisters (Emily Peachey, Caroline Coleman, Belle Shickle) are trying to cope with the absence of their mother and maintain a normal life, while enduring Catholic school and typical teen struggles under the watchful eye of their demanding teacher, Mr. Barnes. Silently repressing them is their damaged father who, quite adrift himself, is growing increasingly obsessed with The Rapture that he believes is imminent. For the girls, home is anything but a refuge. In the midst of rebellious acts, punishments, and religious imposition, the sisters must cling to one another to survive. On the night that Rick believes to be The Rapture, he will attempt to take his daughters to “the other side”, but as the bell tolls, true colors shine through and the mystery of their mother’s disappearance is revealed in a shattering climax.

Fishbowl is set for release on October 27th and features a cast that includes Emily Peachey, Caroline Coleman, Belle Shickle, Judith Hoag, Rick Kain, and Delaney Williams.

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