What unusual ingredients have you cooked with?

Many wild plants and herbs are not only edible but are real superfoods. Fresh and pesticide-free, they’re also delicious when properly prepared. What unusual ingredients have you cooked with?

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Wild plants can be found everywhere and often have a stronger aroma than cultivated foods. Professional chefs have also developed a taste for wild herbs and are using them in their dishes. When chef Pippa Lovell needs ingredients for her restaurant on the Isle of Man, she simply sets off for a walk with her basket. Lying in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland, the island is a nature lover’s paradise. Wild herbs and berries, seaweed and plants others view as weeds all land up on diners’ plates at Pippa Lovell’s restaurant. She composes her menus from the ingredients she finds on the Isle of Man.

Now we want to know: What unusual ingredients have you cooked with?

Maybe you’ve made tea from wild mint? Have you prepared something using mushrooms you’ve found on a walk? Or did you whip up something else entirely? Send us your answers. One lucky participant will be the winner of an exclusive DW backpack full of goodies.

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