Ballet, Marathons, Hikes: 6 Sporty Women Pick Their Best-Ever Leggings

Before I started working at Man Repeller, I was creative director of Outdoor Voices, which felt, at least at first, pretty ironic. I’d always been the least sporty kid in school, the one who always had a letter from her mum to get out of P.E.—yet there I was, suddenly thinking about sports 24/7. There was team yoga, team basketball, team jogs. We conducted walking meetings outside and met with collaborators and partners on hikes and bike rides. During my time there, the lines that usually separate exercise, work, and social time blurred completely. As a result, I spent a lot of time wearing leggings—and have since become a bit of an authority on the subject. In 2020, this expertise has come in especially handy, so here I am, ready to share it with you, along with a few other people who’ve successfully pulled on their fair share of spandex.

Outdoor Voices TechSweat 7/8 Zoom Legging

Evelynn is a Los Angeles-based creative activist and founder of an intersectional womxn’s hiking group, Hike Clerb. She’s a champion of representation and equity for Black and brown womxn from the great outdoors to digital media and beyond.

My favorite leggings are Outdoor Voices’ TechSweat 7/8 Zoom leggings. They keep everything in place, are super breathable, and come in super-cute colors!

Runner-up: My runner-up would definitely have to be any Nike leggings. They fit like a glove!

Natural-Fiber Leggings Designed for Cozy Sundays

Picked by: Eva Alt

Nike Epic Luxe Running Legging

Born in Germany, Thị Minh Huyền Nguyễn is a Vietnamese writer, multi-disciplinary creative, marathon runner, and activist. After having lived in NYC for five years, she’s currently empowering Black, brown, and queer communities in Berlin.

Nike Luxe Running tights have been my go-to for every chilly fall and winter run. They’re super comfortable and sweat-resistant, and they have a compression feel while also allowing air circulation with the mesh on the calves. As a marathon runner who likes to run-commute or go grocery shopping right after my workout, the two large pockets (one with zip in the back) outside and one inside are my favorite since I can carry my keys, credit cards, and phone with me.

Runner-up: For running, I like to stick to Nike tights. For yoga or pilates, I like Outdoor Voices leggings, since on the mat, I don’t need the pockets or zippers. Those are incredibly comfortable as well and shape a nice butt, too 😉

Gimme Those “Leggings That Hold Everything in Place”

Picked by: Minami Gessel

Outdoor Voices TechSweat 7/8 Legging

Minami is a 22-year-old model who has been quarantining in Los Angeles.

I love love love the Outdoor Voices TechSweat Legging! They’re super comfy, and they have a compression band so they really snatch your waist! I love to wear them to work out or to run errands. I don’t like leggings that are see-through or snag easily. I have a big ass, so when I’m looking for leggings, I make sure they don’t show my undies when I bend down.

Runner-up: Nike high-waisted leggings. I gravitate toward leggings that hold everything in place.

The Form-Fitting Leggings of Choice for a Pro Ballerina

Picked by: Nardia Boodoo

Nardia is a professional ballerina with The Washington Ballet—as well as a college student and Pilates enthusiast.

Tory Sport—they’re typically high-waisted, breathable, and form-fitting, plus they have a pocket for my phone or keys. They also don’t show sweat. I really dislike sheer leggings. I love a solid color or fun, classic pattern.

‘Mindfully Made’ (and Female-Owned) Danish Leggings

Picked by: Bianca Valle

Bianca is a certified holistic nutritionist and artist living in New York.

The sustainably made leggings from Planet Nusa, a female-owned Danish brand. I adore the girls who run it and their mission of inclusivity. My pet peeve is when leggings aren’t true to size. These are.

Runner-up: My second choice is Girlfriendbecause they’re also mindfully made.

Feature Image via Zak Bush for CERES.

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