The Best Sewing Machine Covers for Storing Your Equipment

A sewing machine is a big investment and the most important tool for sewing projects, so it’s imperative that it stay in good condition. Properly protect your machine with a cover that keeps it from being exposed to dirt, dust, and sunlight. Browse our selection of the best sewing machine covers below.

1. Homest Sewing Machine Dust Cover

Made of heavy-duty nylon with a padded interior, this cover protects your sewing machine from dust, dirt, spills, and scratches. With two front pockets and two see-through side pockets, this cover makes it easy to store essential tools like foot pedals, scissors, and thread. It’s available in an array of colors including gray, purple, teal, white and black, so you’re sure to find a shade that best suits your work space.

2. Addicted DEPO Sewing Machine Cover

As utilitarian as it is sleek, this mostly nylon cover comes in a variety of colors from pink to gold to violet. One side is made of transparent PVC plastic, so you can see your sewing machine through the case. Store sewing clips, markers, safety pins and more in the convenient pockets located on either side of the cover.

3. Dritz Dust Cover for Sewing Machine

Basic isn’t always boring: Simple designs can go a long way. This frosted vinyl dust cover comes at a fraction of the price of other products on this list, making it a good choice for educators with a roomful of machines to protect. It fits most standard-size sewing machines and protects them from dust, lint, and liquids.

4. Homest Universal Sewing Machine Case

If you’re a sewer on the go, choose this convenient carrying case, which doubles as a cover. Cushioned on all sides, it protects your sewing machine while in transit, and the shoulder strap makes for an easy tote. Equipped with two side mesh pockets, two front zip pockets, and one interior PVC pocket, this case is spacious enough to hold both your machine and your supplies.

5. Yarwo Sewing Machine Cover

Yarwo’s sewing machine cover comes in an array of sleek patterns in natural colors. Made of sturdy canvas and lined with a water-resistant fabric, the cover is easy to inside and out. Its very roomy pockets make it well-equipped to hold most of your sewing supplies.

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