The Best Seam Rippers for Eradicating Messy Stitches

Even the most savvy stitcher makes mistakes. Remove uneven or unwanted stitches with a seam ripper. Before seam rippers were invented (the earliest patent dates back to 1871), seamstresses would use a razor blade or a needle to remove stitches. Designed with a forked tip, today’s seam rippers have a small curved point that catches small stitches and a ball-tipped point that protects fabric as you work. No sewing kit is complete without one. Make sure you select the right option for you by browsing our selection of the best products below.

1. Mighty Bright Seam Ripper

Equipped with a bright, energy-efficient LED and a magnifying glass, this tool helps reduce eye strain and makes spotting seams an easy task. The durable light lasts 100,000 hours, so there’s little risk of needing a replacement. The optical-grade lens spreads light evenly and offers 4X magnification. Perfect for those with bad eyesight or a dimly lit workspace, this high-tech seam ripper is a high-performance tool.

2. Fons & Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Ideal for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, this seam ripper is designed with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the hand. The cushioned grip reduces hand stress, and the protective plastic cap keeps the steel tip sharp.

3. Dritz Seam Ripper & Threader

This classic seam ripper, from the dependable and well-known sewing supplies manufacturer Dritz, comes at a low price without compromising quality. It has a sturdy, fine blade and comes with a protective plastic cap. Petite and portable, this seam ripper fits easily into sewing kits and bags.

4. Singer Grip N Rip Seam Ripper

A go-to brand for all things sewing, Singer manufactures a classic, high-quality seam ripper. The handle features a thumb rest that allows for easy manipulation and a secure hold. As a bonus, you also get a comfort-fit gel thimble that keeps your finger safe while you work.

5. Singer ProSeries Folding Seam Ripper

This folding seam ripper works a bit like a Swiss Army knife. Flip the point into the handle to keep the tip protected; flip it out for immediate use. What’s more, you can throw this tool in any backpack, bag, or suitcase without worrying about it causing damage.

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