The Best Paper Quilling Kits for Learning a Centuries-Old Art Form

Paper quilling, the centuries-old art of coiling and shaping paper strips into decorative designs, can be a calming creative activity. While manipulating fine paper strips can seem intimidating, it is not too challenging a craft. The resulting designs can be as simple or as complex as you like, and you can use them to create cards, ornamental frames, and even jewelry. Quilling does require several specialized tools, and it is a smart idea to purchase a set that provides you with all the basics. Here are our picks for the best quilling kits to help you develop your skills.

1. Juya Paper Quilling Kit

This kit includes everything you need to begin quilling right away at a reasonable price. You get a lot of paper—600 strips in 30 colors—plus a convenient two-headed tool with one embossing end and one slotting end, an awl, and a curling coach that helps you coil consistent circles. In addition to these specialized items, you also receive a pair of sharp scissors, tweezers, pins, an awl, and a template to help you perfect your shapes, and instructions on how to use each tool.

2. Tuparka Paper Quilling Kit

If you have some experience quilling or want to learn entirely on your own, here’s a great option. This kit doesn’t include any instructions in English, but it provides some design templates to guide your hand. Exercise your creativity with the included 900 strips of paper, a curling coach, a quilling board to help you create uniform shapes, one paper quilling pen, and several other tools. And if you do need some help, there are plenty of tutorials online, including a vast number of YouTube videos.

3. Meetory Paper Craft Quilling Tools Kit

If you’re fully stocked on paper or are in the market for tools alone, this kit will meet your needs. It includes a quilling comb, which serves as a backbone for coiling your papers, four slotted tools in various sizes, one needle, tweezers, a ruler, and a template with different-size circles. These are durable, good-quality tools that will last you a long time.

4. Quilled Creations Flower Quilling Kit

Flowers are among the most popular quilling motifs as their petals and leaves can be beautifully replicated through this art form. This kit will guide you through more than 30 flower patterns with step-by-step instructions, and it provides 150 strips of good-quality quilling paper to get you started. You will have to purchase your own tools, but this is a good choice if you want to dive deep into the world of 3D paper flowers.

5. Yurroad Paper Quilling Kit

If you are ready to become a dedicated quiller, we recommend this complete kit. It is a little more expensive than our other picks but will serve you well and help you produce many paper works. You receive a whopping 1,740 paper strips in a rainbow of colors and three different widths to give you more control over your designs. You also get implements such as a quilling comb, a crimper, a curling coach, and rolling pens in different sizes, including an electric one. Once you’ve finished coiling, try decorating the provided card stock to create 3D cards or decorative artworks.

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