The Best Epoxy for a Trusty Adhesive

It’s never a bad idea to keep epoxy in your home or studio. The adhesive is incredibly versatile and can be used for crafting, fast repairs, and even large maintenance projects. Choosing one can be challenging due to the sheer variety of epoxies on the market. Products come in an array of viscosities, adhesion properties, and curing times. To help you decide which is the best to have on hand, we’ve rounded up some of the best options below.

1. Gorilla Two-Part Epoxy

Many epoxy products require you to mix a resin and a hardener. This can be a tedious step, but Gorilla’s product does it for you. The dispenser is fitted with two syringes and a plunger that dispenses both liquids at once in equal amounts out of separate nozzles. The result is a super-tough epoxy that sets in just five minutes and cures in about a day. When you’re done, simply replace the included cap until you’re ready for your next small project. You get just under an ounce of epoxy.

2. Bob Smith Industries Quik-Cure Epoxy

Because it retains some flex, this easy-to-use epoxy can withstand high stress and vibration without fracturing. Once you mix it, you have about five minutes of working time, and it stays slightly pliable for at least double that period for slight, final adjustments. It also cures relatively quickly, in about one hour, to create a clear and very strong bond.

3. Loctite Epoxy

Like Gorilla’s product, this epoxy comes in a two-compartment syringe that mixes the resin and hardener with the push of a plunger. There is only one nozzle, however, so we recommend this product for one-time use only, particularly when you have many seals to create at once. It’s great for fast fixes, as it sets in about five minutes and cures in less than 24 hours to create a super-strong bond. Because the small tip allows precise application, this is an especially handy epoxy for reaching tight areas.

4. Art ‘N Glow Casting & Coating Epoxy Resin

If you use epoxy resin to coat objects, suspend specimens, or cast beautiful creations, try this self-leveling option. You have to mix the provided hardener and binder, but Art ’N Glow provides clear instructions that are easy for first-timers to follow. The epoxy not only mixes very well but also flows beautifully, and it dries clear to show off any encased item. Because it has a slow curing time, you can work at a comfortable pace to experiment with mixing in pigments if you want to add color to your art. Although the results are not always bubble-free, you can use a heat gun to clear them out with ease.

5. PC Products Heavy Duty Epoxy

For indoor and outdoor applications that require a permanent bond, we recommend this adhesive paste. Whether you’re working with tile, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, or other common surfaces, this formula will create a reliable and tough joint, even between different materials. It is a little challenging to mix the two separately packaged compounds, which are quite viscous, and curing can take more than a day, but the final seal is rock hard. When dry, this epoxy can be sanded and painted, and it won’t crack under pressure or weaken if exposed to water.

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